Our Studies

MSS’ Influencer studies analyze the leverageable point of purchase influence of the Influencer at the brand and category levels to assist marketers to optimize direct to influencer marketing. This allows marketers to allocate resources efficiently among different direct strategies and tactics in order to maximize share and sales through the influencer channel. In most categories, MSS holds up to five years of trend data on all brands in the category. Depending on the study, MSS has been offering its studies in up to 30 countries. Click HERE to view MSS global capabilities.

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Adult Beverage Influencer Studies

MSS is the unrivaled leader in providing Influencer research in the adult beverages industry – among bartenders, wait staff, sommeliers and independent retailers.

Popular Drinks

For any supplier looking to increase their presence in the on-premise, this study is a must! Discover what bartenders already know: which drinks are “HOT” and which are not!


Consumer Durables Influencer Studies

Consumers are going to live with their major appliances for a long time. It’s important that they get the very best appliances for their dollar. The retail sales associate provides a pivotal conduit to get your brand in their home.

Consumer Electronics Influencer Studies

HDTV, digital convergence, LCD, plasma TVs, and other electronic/digital products abound in detailed characteristics that are oftentimes confusing to consumers. Consequently, the majority of consumers seek the assistance of experienced sales professionals when making a purchase.


Mobile & Technology Influencer Studies

MSS not only provides continuous monitoring of share of Influencer mind within the Communications category via our Wireless Device Influencer and Operating Systems Influencer Studies.


Pharmacist Influencer Studies

The world of OTC medications has become extremely complicated. Twenty years ago you did not have as many choices as today. Now each category of medication has numerous competitors which makes the decision process for customers that much more complicated.


Physician Influencer Studies

What’s the right prescription for messaging to Physicians? How can you position your brand in their minds to ensure that when they are asked for a recommendation for an OTC product your brand is recommended first and most often?

Transportation Influencer Studies

What keeps the world moving? Cars and Trucks do, as millions of miles are driven every day. To keep both passenger and commercial trucks rolling along, Influencers are out there making recommendations on which tires to purchase when the old ones are bald or which type of oil to use when the little red light comes alive on the dash.